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Notre coup de cœur maillot de bain bandeau fille 14 ans au mois de de novembre 2022

  • HELP BUILD CONFIDENCE IN THE WATER: We want our mermaids to truly have the best adventure & get involved in swimming activities staying healthy & fit by exercising & advancing their swimming techniques by taking part in the mermaid mania that has truly captured our hearts.
  • 4 PCS ULTIMATE SET INCLUDES: 1 Swimmable Tail + 1 Top + 1 Headwrap & Scrunchie
  • BEAUTIFUL FABRIC & GREAT QUALITY: Our breathable fabric comes in vibrant colours & features a fun 3D scales effect, giving the illusion of a fish like tail. Superior quality that will outlast cheaper alternatives. Made in the UK. Machine Washable.
  • SUITABLE FOR USE IN & OUT OF WATER: Can be used for role playing or swimming. Our mermaids will have hours of fun and fairytale-like photos are guaranteed, especially if you take this tail with you on a beach holiday.
  • “Warning: Mermaid tails or monofins can significantly reduce the person’s ability to swim and can only be used by competent swimmers under strict competent adult supervision at all times, regardless of swimming ability. ”

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